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Learn exciting topics in AI/ML/CS and more without any cost to you!

Global + Local

Our local organizers are called 'Deans'. Their role is to facilitate offline classes,workshops, and meetups. We are on 6 continents.

Lean & Agile Mindset

Our processes and procedures are open source. Contributing to the community is as easy as doing a pull request.

We welcome everyone!

No matter your educational background, income, personal history, or knowledge of technical or scientific topics our doors are open. We want you to grow with our community, and who knows perhaps you'll even want to teach a workshop or two!

The Latest Technology

Our community is as state-of-the-art as it is diverse. Depending on the teachers in your area you'll be able to learn Python, Tensorflow 2.0, Machine Learning principles, and more!

The highest quality content from across the world.

The world is filled with free high-quality content. But what should you learn first? Let us curate a personal learning curriculum for you.

Join us and learn...

Data Science

Learn to generate insights from data


Build tools to automate your life.

Machine Learning

Solve problems using classification and prediction.